Kaleido Kone Creamery, Inc

   Much more than ice cream...  

   We are purveyors of happiness!





Kaleido Kone Creamery, Inc. has over 200 flavors (crafted from our very own recipes) for you to choose from.  The unique thing about Kaleido Kone Creamery, Inc. is that we encourage our customers to create their own flavors. If you can dream it, we will do our best to make it!   




Listed below are some of our most requested flavors:





Vanilla                                     Chocolate                              Strawberry

Vanilla Bean                           Chocolate Peanut Butter      Strawberry Cheesecake

Butter Pecan                          Mint Chocolate Chip             Black Raspberry

Cake Batter                            Wedding Cake                      German Choc. Cake Batter

Chocolate Marshmallow        Rasp. Fudge Brownie          Caramel Cashew

Peppermint                            Cinnamon                              Grandma’s Apple Pie

Blueberry Muffin                    Banana                                   Monkey Craze

Chocolate Almond                Almond Tortoni                      Lemon Chiffon

Caramel Candied Bacon      Cappuccino Toffee Bar        Pomegranate

Black Cherry                          Black Cherry Choc Chunk    Coconut Cream Pie

Blue Moon                             Riccotta White Chocolate     Turtle

Strawberry Pretzel Salad      Cotton Candy                         Moosetrax

Cherry Almond Surprise       Banana Nut Bread                 Apple Cobbler

Bananas Foster                     Snickers Bar                          Whitehouse

Cookie Dough                       Chunky Chocolate                 Coffee Mocha Fudge

Dulce De Leche                    Almond Joy                            S’more

Maple Nut                              Pumpkin Pie                           Cookies n’ Cream

Tangerine                              Raspberry Parfait                   Rum Raisin

Elvis Special                         Chocolate Chip                      Toasted Almond Fudge

Lemon Meringue Pie            Choc. Cherry Cordial             Black Cherry Choc. Chip

Cherries Jubilee                    Pralines n’ Cream                  Banana Split

Chocolate Macadamia          Hazel Nut                                Super Fudge Chunk

Peach Cobbler                      Pistachio                                 Oatmeal Cookies n’ Cream



All of our flavors can be made either as gelato or traditional ice cream!